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About us

We are an alliance of parents and concerned citizens who have been either directly impacted by the overdose crisis in Iowa or care enough about the issue to do something about it.

 Every day, 129 people in the U.S. die from opiate overdose, including heroin. Today, more people die from opiate drug overdoses than motor vehicle crashes here in Iowa and nationwide.

It is our mission to honor those lost to accidental overdose and to work to save the lives of those still struggling with substance-use disorders. In order to save lives, we must shift our approach to public health. We need to adopt more evidence-based harm reduction and less punitive measures. We support comprehensive treatment options, including medicated assisted treatment such as suboxone and methadone. Naloxone is a non-narcotic medication used to reverse opiate overdoses, including from prescription pain medications and heroin. Although Iowa passed an overdose prevention bill in 2016, the overdose-reversal drug is by prescription only, difficult to obtain and cost prohibitive. It is our goal to expand access to lay people with standing orders and make naloxone more affordable and widely available. We intend to work towards passing a 911 Good Samaritan Law which would provide immunity from arrest if an emergency call is made in good faith to save the life of a person who has accidentally overdosed.

Drug addiction is a brain disorder, not a moral failing. It spans all socio-economic backgrounds. Our focus as a state and as a nation should be centered on community-based education, harm-reduction strategies, broader availability of naloxone, and 911 Good Samaritan laws. Please consider joining us as we work to save lives.